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Cloud vs. On-Premise - What you need to know

Infor CloudSuite Industrial

Previously known as SyteLine, Infor CloudSuite Industrial is a powerful ERP system designed to meet the business needs of discrete manufacturers.

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Infor CloudSuite Process

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Process is a full-featured ERP system designed for food and chemical manufacturers.


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Infor CloudSuite Business

Infor CloudSuite Business has all of the power of CloudSuite Industrial, in a system that fits the needs of smaller companies.

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ERP Systems

Full-featured ERP systems for discrete manufacturers, food and chemical manufacturers, and smaller organizations with manufacturing requirements.

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Business Applications

Business applications designed to work with our core ERP systems – from field service to product configuration tools (and lots more in-between).

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DRI Software

Technology tools and system integrations.

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Partner Applications

DRI works closely with a number of software companies that provide great applications and tools for our customers.

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Boost Productivity and Efficiency with Fully-Functional ERP Systems

Looking for a system that can provide a true competitive advantage? A fully-functional ERP system from Decision Resources, Inc. (DRI) can provide the tools you need to reduce cost, improve production efficiency, and create a true competitive advantage.

DRI specializes in Infor applications for manufacturers; including Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), Infor CloudSuite Business, and Infor CloudSuite Process.  We also have extensive experience with many additional Infor products and DRI-developed applications; allowing us to provide our customers with a suite of products that are robust, flexible and configurable to your unique requirements.

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Our consultants are experts at putting critical real-time manufacturing information at your fingertips to enhance collaboration, improve the decision making process, boost productivity and lower costs. We have expertise in many industries including oil and gas, aerospace, defense, electronics, primary metals, capital equipment, and more. Our 30+ years of ERP project experience, allows us to eliminate many of the common problems associated with the implementation of ERP systems.

DRI has offices in Pittsburgh, Austin, Wichita, and Chicago; and we primarily work with companies throughout the Ohio Valley, Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic, Central and Southern areas of the United States.

ERP System Experts—Proven Strategies for Your Business

At Decision Resources, Inc., we understand that a successful implementation doesn’t end at go-live, and we are proud to say that many of our clients have been working with us now for decades. Our proven methodologies translate to smooth deployments and quick returns. We are invested in your success and deeply committed to helping you realize your operational goals. Learn what our full-featured, robust ERP systems can provide – from CRM and order entry, to shop floor control and financial management.

Factors to Consider When Implementing ERP Systems

For the past 3 decades, we have delivered hundreds of successful ERP deployments on time and within budget. We have also been called in to ‘rescue’ implementations that were not going as planned.

ERP system implementation success depends on many factors, but we believe that choosing the right service provider is as important as choosing the right ERP System.  Learn about ERP selection project best-practices and be sure to consider the following:

The ERP selection project is as important as the implementation project

Every ERP implementation project is preceded by an ERP selection project.  DRI does not assist with selection projects, because we primarily work with applications from Infor and don’t recommend other applications.  However, there are a number of very qualified, independent, selection consultants who we have worked with.

Whitepaper: How to select an ERP Selection Consultant

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More about ERP Selection Consultants

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Keep an eye on the project scope

The biggest challenge to an implementation go-live date is additions and changes to the scope of the project (also known as “scope creep”).  Remember that adding items to the project will delay go-live, increase your cost and time commitments, or both.  Be very clear to everyone involved exactly what the cost of each change will be.

Management buy-in is a must

If the executives and management team are not fully behind the project, the project team will be pulled away to do their “real job,” decisions won’t be made quickly, and the system will not accomplish stated goals.  It’s not rocket science – if the CEO doesn’t think it’s important, it won’t happen.

Don’t skimp on change management

A mistake we see often is the desire to make the new system look like the old.  Be sure to evaluate your current business process, and develop future business process based on goals and requirements – not on how you do it now.  Some of the most successful implementations we see are with companies who are willing to change their business processes, where it makes sense, in order to better utilize their new ERP system.

Find the right partner

Selecting the right service provider is as critical as choosing the right solution. Find a company with experienced consultants who know the ERP system you have selected, and who are willing to tailor your implementation to meet your needs and utilize the resources that you have.

6 Most Common ERP Implementation Mistakes

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