Infor CloudSuite Process - ERP for Food and Chemical Manufacturers

Infor CloudSuite Process ERP

Full-featured ERP for Food and Chemical Manufacturers

Infor CloudSuite Process is a full-featured, robust ERP application with functionality from CRM and order entry to shop floor control and financial management – built to handle the specific requirements of the food and chemical industries.

InforCloudSuite Process features:

Recipe Management
CloudSuite Process provides you with the ability to accurately manage and measure your inventory – from true formulation management to yield calculations.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
CloudSuite Process includes one of the most powerful APS engines in the business, giving you real-time access to available-to-promise and capable-to-promise information.

Customer Management
CloudSuite Process delivers an embedded CRM system combined with strong order entry and estimating functionality, providing you with the information you need to deliver excellent customer service.

Production Management and Inventory Control
CloudSuite Process’s full-featured planning and scheduling system is combined with advanced inventory and production system to support lean manufacturing techniques, lot tracking, serialized inventory, and much more!

Recall Management
Quick lot recall functionality in embedded within CloudSuite Process to meet the needs of our Food and Chemical manufacturing customers.

Multi-Site and Multi-National Support
CloudSuite Process supports single-site entities as well as complex multi-site organizations with financial consolidation requirements. In addition, CloudSuite Process’s multi-national support provides features specific to many countries around the world.

Event Management and Workflow
CloudSuite Process provides a powerful event management system that allows users to set up standard email notifications from anywhere in the software, and to create more complex work flows that can be enforced throughout the entire system.

Microsoft Integration
Throughout CloudSuite Process users have the ability to view data in Excel, send and receive email and integrate to Outlook, export project information to Microsoft Project and, in general, interact directly with standard Microsoft applications.

Infor CloudSuite Process Brochure

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