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Electronic Kanban system

An inventory pull system built specifically for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) systems.

SyteLEAN PullSystem

Calculate optimum inventory levels based on actual sales and usage, reducing excess inventory and shortages, without the complexity of MRP/APS. The SyteLEAN PullSystem is an easy to use, inventory management system for items that are regularly purchased or manufactured.

An electronic Kanban system, SyteLEAN PullSystem automatically “right-sizes” the selected inventory items based on average usage and variability, and “pulls” the replacement orders when inventory is consumed. It replenishes inventory to the optimum level by creating Kanban “planned orders” that are combined with the APS/MRP planned orders which can be reviewed and released using the SyteLine Planner’s Workbench. Using SyteLEAN PullSystem, manufacturers can automatically manage inventory levels for changes in demand and product mix using LEAN concepts that are much easier to deploy and manage than MRP.

SyteLEAN Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Allows you to receive Vendor owned and managed inventory into SyteLine without booking it to your Accounts Payable until the inventory is consumed. Includes vendor email notifications, reporting and integration with SyteLine Purchasing and Accounts Payable.

SyteLEAN Mobile

Use handheld scanners or mobile PC devices for wireless SyteLine shop floor and warehouse inventory transactions. Optimized for high volume to efficiently process lot tracked items and license plates/pallets. Includes cycle counting and job close out functionality. All transactions are validated against SyteLine and posted in real time.

SyteLEAN Portals

DRI offers SharePoint based web portals to facilitate information sharing with Vendors and Customers. We offer standard portals or web parts and custom designed Customer and Vendor collaboration sites.  Solution are designed to meet your specific requirements and to reflect your corporate identity. Our solutions are completely integrated to your SyteLine back-office enterprise solution and provide enormous efficiencies by extending your business system to employees, customers and vendors over the Internet, including:

  • Vendor/Supplier Portals
  • Customer Order and Order Status Portals
  • Document Collaboration Portals
  • Partner/Dealer Portals
  • Executive Dashboards and Metrics

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