Automation Training: Maximize The Efficiency of Your ERP System

February 11, 2020 | Discrete Manufacturing
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With enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, your business can easily automate nearly every aspect of operations, which means saving time, maximizing on resources, and freeing up a renewed focus on plans and ideas that call for a human touch. Here’s the tricky part — automation doesn’t always come naturally to your staff! 

Much like your work to train employees on new processes and platforms, ERP automation training ensures that your workforce knows how to use the ERP and its features. Training also goes a long way in relieving fears about automation impacting the availability of work. You can show your staff how specific roles will grow, change, and improve with an ERP platform in place.

ERP automation training is vital to any implementation project. Factor in the required resources as early as possible, as well as ample time set aside for training. When you ensure there is no gap in the budget for training, you’ll also ensure that there will be no corresponding gap in knowledge.

Introducing ERP Automation Training

How you introduce ERP automation and its associated training is essential. People often worry about how ‘robots’ will take their jobs. Hearing the word “automation” can be stressful to your workforce. In introducing how ERP automation will impact employees’ jobs and the overall workplace environment, be sure to explain how an ERP will manage the repetitive, time-consuming work so that your staff can move onto bigger, better, and more highly-skilled tasks.

Some of your staff will need to become the operators of automation — the people who put the data into the ERP and use the automated results to inform their next steps. That is where ERP automation training is perhaps the most important, giving these staff members the skills and tools they need to use the system to its fullest capabilities. It makes sense to work with the ERP vendor you’ve selected to handle this training, as they know the product best and can identify where your staff needs the most assistance.

Increased Manufacturing Productivity

As you budget and plan for this ERP automation training, keep the advantages of switching to an ERP at the forefront of what you do. Your staff should be excited to hear that ERP automation equals increased manufacturing productivity and performance, which makes any change a lot more appealing.

Point out how these advantages can and will impact productivity, morale, and job performance. Touch on supply chain management and how better predictive analytics will cut down on frantic scrambles to meet demand. Manufacturing resource planning, too, will make the most of your staff’s time and energy. The customer relationship management of ERP automation benefits not only customer-facing staff but also everyone impacted by client satisfaction.

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