Be Better Prepared for Customer Demand with Infor CloudSuite ERP

April 9, 2020 | Discrete Manufacturing
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The Golden Rule applies in manufacturing, too — treat your customers the way you would want to be treated. When you can meet customer demands effectively and efficiently, you’re gaining the loyalty and repeat business that keeps your company alive. With a manufacturing ERP, customer demand doesn’t have to be a battle. A good ERP rises to every challenge of customer service.

In today’s world, customers are used to having their demands met with service and a smile. Online orders are available in days, if not hours. Everything is customizable. And if they don’t like what a business has to offer, another is waiting in the wings. It’s a daunting environment, but with a manufacturing ERP, your business can meet customer demand.

Meet Increasing Expectations

Customer demands are influenced by modern technology. When people can ask a voice assistant to order something and have it arrive at their door shortly after, there are high expectations in place. One of the worst things in customer service is telling a customer their product is not available.

Demand planning through an ERP helps you meet these increasing expectations, even as they evolve further. An ERP uses historical data, current data, and smart predictions to understand what your customers want and when they want it. It accounts for spikes in demand based on standalone events and reacts quickly to changing market conditions.

Optimize Performance

Meeting customer demands requires staff that can perform at its peak. However, you can’t run your workforce into the ground in the name of customer service. With a manufacturing ERP, customer demand, business requirements, and employee performance coexist peacefully. ERPs automate many repetitive, daily tasks, so your staff has more hours to invest in customer service and other business operations that need a human touch.

Increase Speed of Delivery

Remember those same-day deliveries we mentioned? While you may not be able to do that in the manufacturing industry, you do need to put a strong focus on efficient, speedy deliveries. ERP software can improve your logistics in a few ways.

First, with better demand forecasting and inventory management, when a customer orders something you don’t have to wait to get the components and materials you need. You can automate much of shipping, from printing labels to integrating with carriers to automatically finding the fastest method or cheapest rate. And optimized performance means faster order fulfillment. It all comes together for more customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service is at the core of your business. An ERP improves your customer service instantly, retaining the people who matter most. With streamlined, fast shipping, supply and demand that ensures your clients get what they need, better user experience, and customer relationship management tools in place, customer service has never looked better.

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