Bring Transparency to Your Manufacturing Processes with an ERP System

March 19, 2020 | Discrete Manufacturing
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In today’s interconnected and fast-moving world, clients, governments, and stakeholders want manufacturing transparency. Everyone wants to know how your supply chains are connected, to whom they are connected, and what that information means. Consumers and overseers alike are concerned with fraud, ethics, quality control, and labor relations. They want to trust that the final product is one that they can stand behind.

That level of manufacturing transparency is unprecedented until modern times, which means manufacturers are starting from scratch to find ways that offer much-needed insights. When it comes to manufacturing transparency, an ERP is the modern, connected technology that you need to give regulators, insurers, and customers the details they want.

An ERP with the following features is all you need to help you achieve manufacturing transparency. 

ERP System Traceability

Supply chains in manufacturing can be incredibly difficult to transform into something transparent. Especially if your processes go through a lot of steps from start to finish, tracking information for every product is a daunting task. ERPs make it a lot easier.

For manufacturing transparency, an ERP with traceability features is critical. These ERP systems track and trace the flow of every component, from material delivery to any treatment and testing. Every time the part goes through another step of the chain or process, the ERP stores that information in a centralized database, which is easily accessible for any questions, reporting, or auditing.

Manufacturing Transparency with an ERP Benefits Your Business

Beyond meeting the demand for manufacturing transparency, an ERP, and the traceability it provides, has additional bonuses for your business.

ERP transparency has the added benefit of keeping every detail handy in case something goes awry in manufacturing. Let’s say a customer complains about product quality, or a regulator finds a potential compliance issue. With ERP system traceability, you can now easily look back to where the problem began, and then take action to fix the issue, change suppliers, or even tackle the question of liability.

Manufacturers that can vouch for their supply chain and processes and be open with the information customers and stakeholders want are also more likely to enjoy an excellent public relations boost. When there’s nothing to hide, your business comes out on top, versus competitors who, even if they are not cutting corners, might appear to be doing so if they are not able to be as forthright about their work.

MIT Sloan School of Management research found that consumers may be willing to pay up to ten percent more for products from companies with superior supply chain transparency. An investment in transparency pays off, and your company will enjoy the usual benefits of an ERP as well.

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