CloudSuite Industrial: How to Move from On-Premises to the Cloud

October 21, 2020 | ERP Systems

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Infor CloudSuite ERP is designed to have a smooth, distinct path to follow as you transition from an on-premises deployment to the cloud. This deliberate planning makes the move to the Infor cloud an efficient and effective process. Below are three fundamental steps to prepare for and assist your move to the cloud.

1. Choose the Right Implementation Partner

The right cloud-based ERP implementation partner will have in-depth expertise and experience with Infor CloudSuite. In particular, their qualifications should include a large number of successful cloud implementation projects. This implementation experience is critical to the project’s success since cloud-based projects are distinctive and separate from on-premises projects. The right partner will also ease and support the employees as they transition to the cloud-based ERP. Ultimately, an experienced, trusted partner is essential to guide you through the move to the cloud-based ERP.

2. Strategic Planning Ensures a Smooth Transition

As with any business-wide project, your employees have a vested interest in its success. Therefore, they will need to be kept apprised of the implementation progress, the meeting of milestones, and the ease of the transition.

The following items serve as the basis of the strategic plan. Your selected implementation partner will participate in the development of each step as it relates to your specific business and industry.

Developing the Business Case – The business case presents the information necessary to delineate the ERP’s move clearly. This way, the benefits are outlined, and expectations for the scope and timeline are set. The business case also identifies those areas that will have a tangible effect on costs. For example, these can include:

  • Cost efficiencies in licensing
  • Reduced cost of infrastructure
    • Increased benefits of security and cybersecurity
    • Application updates being managed by Infor from within the cloud, with no downtime needed
    • Increased productivity due to the availability of ERP and its meaningful data/analysis whenever and wherever you and your employees are located, 24/7/365

Catalog Customizations and Personalization – Due to CloudSuite’s expanded functionality, many customizable features are now standard within the ERP. Therefore, creating a catalog of previous customizations will identify which features that are now included and which current customizations will need to be added within your CloudSuite system.

Adopt a Formal Project Structure – As part of proper project planning, a project team needs to include all key members. These members will work directly with the implementation partner on the transition to the cloud. Our implementation experts at Decision Resources, Inc (DRI) understand and support the project team. As DRI implements the cloud-based ERP, they will also assist the project team as they use Infor Campus to learn the new features. Through Infor Campus, the project team will have access to live training courses, self-guided learning, and even CloudSuite instructor “office hours” for personal support and question resolutions. The identified project team will also work directly with DRI on the piloting of Infor CloudSuite.

3. Implementing the Cloud-Based ERP

In addition to working with the project team, DRI performs a thorough implementation as follows:

  • DRI upgrades your database on our servers to v10
    • DRI cleanses your database of any non-standard objects (custom code; products no longer supported)
    • DRI and Infor attach the upgraded database to the cloud
    • Customizations and personalization – as evaluated by the team during the planning, any necessary items will be developed for the cloud-based ERP
    • Infor provisions your cloud environment through the allocation of cloud services and resources.

At DRI, we pride ourselves on providing smooth planning and implementation as you transition to your cloud-based ERP. We will walk through the planning and implementation processes and discuss the upgrade’s logistics to your satisfaction. To begin, call us at 412-562-9660, or email us at

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