CloudSuite Industrial and SyteLine Consulting

The DRI team has been working with CloudSuite Industrial, SyteLine, and their predecessors since 1984. We have SyteLine consultants and developers that know older versions of the software inside and out – and team members who are implementing and supporting the latest CloudSuite version every day. We can assist with SyteLine integrations, CloudSuite upgrades, software development projects, and more.

  • Software Development
  • Integration Projects
  • Upgrades
  • Re-implementation projects
  • Employee education


SaaS Development Projects

DRI has a strong understanding of what it takes to help our clients achieve success in the cloud. We have extensive knowledge of all the development tools available to us in the SaaS environment to perform personalizations, such as creating custom assemblies, developing Mongoose and dataview reports, and writing and reading data through the IDO layer.

UPS WorldShip Integration

Developed UPS Worldship integration with customer’s CloudSuite Industrial Saas system using methodology compatible with UPS workstation software that exists on-premise. Integration was completed using web services, flat files, and DRI’s Integral DataBridge to facilitate data exchange.

UPS Rate Shopping Integration

Integrated CloudSuite Industrial Estimates and Customer Orders with the UPS ConnectShip Merchant software. The software developed is used for freight rate comparisons – ie: “rate shopping.” For the webservice connection the AES (Application Event System) is used to generate a call to the rate shopping API.

Data Imports/Exports

Leveraging DRI’s Integral Databridge software, we can pick up data files from FTP sites and insert records into CloudSuite Industrial via the IDO layer. We can also process outbound files in a similar fashion. We have completed many projects of this type, included picking up external warehouse shipment records for processing as shipments in CloudSuite Industrial.

Automatic Order Processing

DRI’s development team created an automatic order processing method on customer order lines that runs an IDO method automating the entire job and shipping process for the current order line – all via a single button click. Depending on the order line item’s PMT code, different job and purchase order actions are taken, such as setting order line source, releasing jobs and copying BOMs, and creating material transactions. This project was completed on a SaaS implementation of CloudSuite Industrial.

Upgrade Projects

DRI has assisted numerous clients in migrating from various versions of Symix and Syteline to current versions of CloudSuite ERP systems. DRI has extensive knowledge and experience with Symix, Syteline (versions 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9), Cloudsuite Industrial, and CloudSuite Process. We can assist clients on any version get to the latest and greatest and can reapply and streamline any required customizations. We recently assisted 2 large customers in transitions from SyteLine 5 to CloudSuite Industrial 9. Both had significant amounts of development, including home grown addons that needed to be converted from Progress to SQL/Mongoose.

Production Control Integration

We used ODBC integration to an Oracle production control system allowing CSI to push and pull material to rolling mill software. Job and raw material data is fed from CSI to the rolling mill control software and finished good information is returned to CSI.

Custom Mobile Data Collection

Created a set of custom web pages that talk exclusively to SyteLine IDOs to do real-time inventory transactions on handheld devices.

Payroll Extensions

We have worked to enhance standard payroll functionality for multiple clients. Our development efforts have included integrating with time clocks, creating complex incentive based pay rules, tracking garnishments, and implementing PTO vesting and accrual logic.

Custom Portal Development

We have created custom Service related online portal pages and have also personalized portal pages for several clients. We can take any CloudSuite table and present it to portal users for display or update as necessary.

Factory Track Extensions

DRI has experience working with all modules of Factory Track – Warehouse Mobility, Shop Floor, and Time Track. We have extended Factory Track to include new stream lined forms, to add visibility to more CloudSuite data, to reduce prompts and messages, and to post more information back to CloudSuite systems.

Integration between CloudSuite Industrial and Magento eCommerce

DRI’s development team used the Integral DataBridge application to design an integration that allows customer web orders placed via the customer’s Magento eCommerce platform to be automatically imported into CloudSuite Industrial. Inventory levels are immediately reduced at time of order approval with order fulfillment occurring within the CloudSuite ERP application.

Mongoose/Dataview Reports

DRI was an early adopter of Mongoose/Dataview Reports first released in CSI 9.01. We have already written or extended dozens of the new style reports and leverage them as much as we can in an effort to keep our clients as upgradeable as possible.