DRI is Growing!

December 6, 2017 | DRI News

You may have seen some new faces around DRI lately. We have hired a dozen people in less than a year, and are experiencing the highest rate of organic growth since our founding in 1978. What’s fueling this growth? Well, our customers of course! We have hundreds of customers across the country now using SyteLine, CloudSuite Industrial, CloudSuite Process, and DRI’s SyteLEAN and Integral DataBridge products (including DRI’s EDI Adapter). There are three areas, in particular, that are driving our recent growth.

Process Industry
A specific area of growth for us has been in Process industries. We have added a number of new customers who are food manufacturers – and have become the leading provider on the Infor CloudSuite Process ERP system. CloudSuite Process is based on the popular CloudSuite Industrial application for discrete manufacturers (a product with which DRI has been working for decades) and includes strong features for companies in the food and chemical industries. In the past, our development team has had to create functionality for our process customers to handle formulas, recipes, batch processing, and more. With CloudSuite Process, we have the ability to provide that functionality “out-of-the-box.” We really like the way this functionality has been designed as well – utilizing the standard planning and scheduling functionality that have always been a strong feature within CloudSuite Industrial.

DRI has also become Infor’s leading SaaS (Cloud) provider. With more experience than any other Infor partner implementing the SaaS versions of CloudSuite ERP systems, DRI is able to successfully advise our clients on the best practices for implementing their software in a SaaS deployment, how to successfully personalize the software within the multi-tenant environment, and good methodologies for maintaining their software as new versions are released.

DRI’s EDI Adapter for CloudSuite ERP is quickly becoming the preferred choice for SyteLine and CloudSuite ERP users who need EDI integration. While we have worked with many EDI providers, our EDI Adapter has pre-built integrations for the SPS Commerce EDI platform. We have found SPS Commerce to be a particularly good choice for customers who sell to retail chains – big box stores, grocery chains, and more.

Who’s New?
Please join us in welcoming the many new employees we have brought on board to ensure that our customers in all industries, with all versions of our software, are receiving the highest level of service and support possible. New members of our software development team include; Kyle Plummer, Tami Kyle, Darlene Troyer, Amey Parab, Cara Dohn, and Jacqueline Garner. Tami and Darlene have specific experience with EDI systems, and will be working primarily with DRI’s EDI Adapter for CloudSuite.

New business consultants include; Joe Beyer, JC Barahona, and Dave Lindeman. Our newest employee, Cary Smith, is a project manager who will be working closely with our consultants to ensure successful outcomes for our customers. Matt Keffer has also joined DRI as an Account Executive with our sales team.

If you would like to know more about what’s going on at DRI, or our future plans, please reach out to us.

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