DRI Named a 2020 Infor Partner of the Year

September 18, 2020 | DRI News
Numerous awards DRI has received from Infor

Decision Resources, Inc. (DRI) was named a 2020 Infor Partner of the Year in the category of No Customer Left Behind.  DRI was one of only three North American manufacturing partners to receive recognition as a Partner of the Year. The announcement was made at Inforum, an annual Infor user conference, on Tuesday, September 15. The Partner of the Year awards recognize global Infor partners that have demonstrated excellence over the past fiscal year.

No Customer Left Behind is a new initiative at Infor focused on modernizing customers’ businesses by moving them from on-premises to cloud solutions. DRI was recognized in this category for its commitment to moving customers to the cloud in order to improve security, lower costs, better manage industry regulations,  keep current, and more.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with DRI, which is committed to the success of our joint customers. DRI provides our mutual customers support and expertise that yield high return on investment.  DRI has guided many of its customer on their journey to the cloud,” said Salena Butler, Infor vice president of the North American channel.

DRI is pleased to be recognized for its customer-focused approach, which has been a core focus of the company since its founding in 1978. “DRI appreciates Infor for recognizing us as No Customer Left Behind Partner of the Year,” said Bill Titus, president of DRI. “DRI achieves these awards because we care about our clients and help make their businesses more successful by embracing best practices in business and technology through the Infor solutions we provide and help them implement.”

DRI consistently ranks as a top Infor partner, supporting the largest group of Infor CloudSuite Industrial customers of any Infor partner. The company has received numerous accolades from Infor, including 2019 Manufacturing Partner of the Year and 2018 Cloud Manufacturing Partner of the Year.

If you’re interested in moving your on-premises deployment of Infor CloudSuite Industrial to the cloud, contact the experts at DRI via email at info@decision.com.

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