Features to Look for in a Manufacturing ERP System

January 30, 2020 | Discrete Manufacturing

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) features for manufacturing often crossover with ERP features for other industries, but there are some areas where manufacturing companies need specific software qualities. Luckily, there are ERP solutions providers who understand the need for manufacturing-specific features and functionalities. Today, you can find an ERP with features for manufacturing without having to build a system from scratch.

While each manufacturing company differs in its exact needs, there are a handful of functionalities that most will use.

Requirement Planning

Related to inventory management, with requirement planning done through your ERP, your organization no longer has to fret about what you need, when you need it, and what you already have. With requirement planning, the system is smart, keeping track of historical and present data to predict every part of manufacturing accurately, so you never have too much or too little of any given material.

Quality Management

A manufacturer is only as good as the products it supplies. Quality control is critical to your reputation, customer relationships, and ongoing success. An ERP improves this area by allowing you to set your desired quality standards for each product or process. The system takes and tracks data to monitor this, comparing each product to the standard you have put in place. Anything that falls short triggers an alert, so your staff can quickly jump in to find out what went wrong before quality issues pile up, and before a lower-quality item makes its way out of your doors. You will ultimately save money by fixing problems before an entire run of sub-par product is complete, and create a more consistent inventory.

Production Management

Managing output via production is essential, and an ERP streamlines this vital area, planning, executing, tracking, and controlling production. Some production processes can be automated to save time, while others benefit from data-driven choices for machines, tools, and labor. ERPs make production smarter, to everyone’s benefit.

Inventory Management

With inventory management features, your ERP works to provide an accurate window into what you have versus what you need. Too much inventory is a problem, as is too little. When you are operating off of manual processes and guesswork, it is hard to strike the right balance. An ERP with features for manufacturing takes the variables away, using real data to complete informed forecasting and balance unneeded inventory versus unneeded movement.

Supply Chain Management

Anyone in the manufacturing industry knows how important it is to have a good handle on your supply chain. The inflow and outflow of materials and products are both vital to the success of a manufacturer. So, an ERP with features for manufacturing puts a focus on supply chain management in various ways.

Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are key. Without their confidence in your business, there’s no reason to put in the effort to manage anything else! With a CRM module, your ERP tracks customer data and interactions, so you know each buyer’s history when you connect.

Human Resources

Every company has some need for human resources. ERPs work to control payroll, benefits, compensation schedules, training and certifications, and other data that influences who works when and where. It’s a lot for HR personnel to take care of all at once, but an ERP makes it more accessible.

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