How Cloud-Based ERP Provides Competitive Advantage

September 16, 2020 | ERP Systems
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Global businesses have demanded cloud-based software solutions due to the benefits the cloud provides. More and more industries are incorporating the technological advancements of the cloud, including your competitors. Companies that adopt the cloud are improving operations, compliance, and the bottom-line. Embracing cloud-based software, particularly a cloud-based ERP, will keep your organization relevant in the competitive landscape.

How is the Cloud and Cloud-Based ERP Improving Industries Across the Board?

Cost Savings of Operating Expense over Capital Expenditure

The move to a monthly operating expense dramatically reduces the cost of data center infrastructure. It also eliminates the fees and interest associated with capital expenditures. These savings can then be re-allocated to other business needs and initiatives.

Subscription over Ownership

Businesses need access to their information. Without the cloud, companies must provide and maintain their own high-end infrastructures. Unfortunately, this infrastructure can quickly depreciate and become outdated. With the adoption of the cloud, ownership and maintenance of this equipment is no longer necessary as the physical and network infrastructure are provided and maintained by your cloud provider.

Data Security

The cloud has data security built in. In addition, the cloud maintains the security seamlessly with no need for scheduled downtime. Updates are not missed or overlooked. Servers are mirrored and backup and restoration procedures are tested and modeled. There is also constant, around-the-clock monitoring against cyberattacks and breaches.

Timely Compliance and Regulation Changes

Keeping your ERP up to date with the changes to compliance and regulations may require regular upgrades. Otherwise, your business can become susceptible to audits and compliance violations. A cloud-based ERP is able to provide these updates to your organization as they become available, protecting you from the detrimental effects due to a lack of adherence.

Uptime Consistency

Downtime is expensive. The consistent running of the cloud avoids system crashes and provides continuity of business operations. Beyond cost-savings and innovations, avoiding the expense of downtime offers a distinct competitive advantage, particularly during contract negotiations and fulfillment.

Rapid Scalability

Cloud-based ERP is scalable. You can ramp up or offset resources as needed and pay for what you need without the expense of under-utilization or the need to pay for a rush increase. Your personnel can access the cloud-based ERP and can improve their productivity in a considerably timelier manner.

While the above aspects of the cloud and cloud-based ERPs can be monetized, manufacturers also have the additional advantage of improved access and availability for the entire company. This applies whether staff is situated on-premises or working remotely.

The cloud-based ERP experts at Decision Resources, Inc. can provide further insights to how the cloud makes business processes more manageable. We want to see your business succeed and maintain its operational competitive advantage. If you’re ready for a partner to help you take a step toward digitally transforming your business with a cloud-based ERP, please call us at 412-562-9660, or email us here:

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