How Cloud ERP Can Save You Money

May 26, 2022 | ERP Systems

If you are wondering if a switch to cloud-based ERP is worth it, you might be surprised to find out how much money cloud ERP solutions can save. Cloud ERP solutions offer savings in a variety of ways including organizational productivity, departmental expenses, security, and customer satisfaction.

Organization, Productivity, and Costs

Cloud ERP solutions reduce operational and administrative costs by streamlining workflow and providing a standardized format for all of your data, reducing duplications in processes, systems, information, and data points across departments. With all of your organization’s data digitally stored and transmitted, there is less paperwork and fewer hours spent tracking down files and looking for records. Invoicing, job costing, and payments are all automated and managed through ERP systems. This streamlining of processes eliminates information silos and improves your company’s overall efficiency.

Implementing a cloud ERP solution also prevents individual and departmental modifications that can result in multiple processes throughout the company. An ERP standardizes the business process, making it more productive with clear and precise procedures.

Moving your ERP to the cloud also saves on departmental staffing and equipment. By putting your data in the cloud, you no longer have to support purchases of expensive IT equipment and servers each time your organization outgrows its current hardware. In addition, your staff is no longer required to implement complicated customizations and updates that require shutting down your system for long periods of time. Cloud ERP automatically implements updates and downloads patches without interrupting workflow. This frees up money to direct towards other important initiatives in your department.


A cloud ERP solution gives your business multiple security layers designed to protect against sensitive data theft and detect exploitation and fraud. It can take immediate action, often correcting the problem before it becomes a larger issue.

Solving the problem before a breach turns into stolen data, downtime, and possibly ransom demands can save dollars. While no system is foolproof or guarantees 100% protection, a cloud ERP system can provide monitoring to help keep security risks low. Cloud ERP systems can also help monitor supplier traffic and client portals by providing security parameters as well. If your business does become a victim of hackers, downtime is kept to a minimum, and loss of sensitive data is uncommon, meaning fewer dollars are at risk.

Customer Satisfaction

Moving to a cloud ERP system can help scale your business by improving processes and providing real-time information for quick deliverables. Business owners and sales personnel now have reliable information at their fingertips when committing to delivery dates supply availability. The ability to evaluate Capable to Promise (CTP/ATP) dates to your customers with confidence is indispensable. The software for machines and tools can be added to phones or tablets making orders and inventory easy to see in real-time regardless of whether you are in a warehouse, or onsite with a client. Information that can update inventory numbers, predict supply needs, improve shipping and tracking deliveries, and improve order to delivery time ultimately results in higher customer satisfaction and sales. No longer are you spending time checking with a department or warehouse to calculate inventory availability or address supply chain concerns.   

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