How Manufacturers Can Manage Growth with ERP

December 2, 2020 | ERP Systems
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Successful manufacturers are relying on ERP to drive growth and retain customers by improving their products, providing excellent service, and reducing costs throughout their operation. These factors define a manufacturing company much more than any of their marketing efforts.

However, organizations must manage that growth, and the same system that helps them grow will also help handle it. Keep reading to learn how ERP can help manufacturers manage a growing business by integrating their business activities.

When the supply chain demands increase, manufacturers must grow and scale

Supply chain management entails synchronizing the increased demand for materials with the resources required to increase the flow of labor, materials, or parts for the product.

Supply chains coordinate the flow of materials and resources using a process that results in the product ending up in the customer’s hands. This process can include anything from large vehicle parts to the smallest microchips. By growing and scaling with the increased supply chain demand, companies can ensure customer satisfaction, lower overall costs, and, ultimately, boost the bottom line.

Manufacturers of all types and sizes recognize the benefits of an ERP solution to improve their business processes significantly and improve their market position.

How ERP can help improve process management

As business processes expand, the company follows. Each process works differently, and things become complicated when everything is happening at once.

ERP integrates all of those functions through a single database. Inventory, shop floor management, human resources, order management, and customer relations are processes that ERP software integrates to help the entire organization run smoothly. All procedures are streamlined, allowing your company to use multiple functions without errors.

The system traces raw materials while assisting with production planning and scheduling. It manages inventory and controls finances, minimizing or eliminating inefficiencies and waste—all in real-time. After implementing an ERP solution, manufacturers soon notice improved workflow as employees manage and access the information they need.

These are just some of the ways through which ERP helps companies improve their processes and manage growth.

Cloud ERP can help you scale your business

On-premises ERP systems can be hard to manage and modify when a company grows, or technology changes. Cloud ERP mitigates those concerns and makes the software an essential tool for driving business growth.

Here are five ways a cloud ERP solution will help you manage your growth:

  1. Your system is never out-of-date with the cloud

Cloud computing has transformed the way businesses operate. It allows companies with ERP to grow because their system is never outdated. They no longer need to manage and maintain on-premises servers. Software as a Service (SaaS) products, such as ERP, run on the cloud, giving organizations the ability to add more functions as they grow.

  1. You can grow your global presence

Companies grow by expanding globally, and ERP solutions can support and enhance your global capabilities. Along with supporting different languages, ERP helps businesses comply with local laws and tax codes. Cloud ERPs can be localized for specific countries to help companies scale their business for these areas’ regulations. And when those regulations change, the ERP system provider can update that country’s localization, preventing any business disruptions.

  1. The system is adaptable

One of the primary advantages of ERP on the cloud is its adaptability. The systems typically come with various levels of service that meet your current needs. As the business grows, you can add additional modules. You can grow and scale with a system with which you and your employees are familiar rather than piecing together a solution or purchasing a new one.

  1. ERP connects to mobile, IoT, and AI Capabilities

ERP systems allow real-time data to stream into applications from a central database, making it naturally connective. And ERP systems planning to implement services that take maximum advantage of mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning (AI) will help companies scale today and well into the future.

  1. The ability to integrate, if necessary

ERP systems are relatively comprehensive, but you could have situations where you may need third-party solutions. Being able to integrate ERP with these services is essential to helping companies scale for growth. Technology solutions that don’t interact with one another can impede growth, making it very hard for organizations to put together the big picture.

Let us help you manage your growth

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