How to Choose the Best ERP System For Your Business

August 22, 2019 | ERP Systems
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When it comes to choosing your ERP, there are many options available on the market to choose from. So, how can you possibly distinguish between them all and understand which platform is right for your business?

Choosing the best ERP system for your business comes down to a few key points; knowing what your organization needs, understanding what you already have in place (and why it is or is not working), and your budget. Understanding and applying these essential pieces of information will help you properly evaluate your ERP options and make a decision that can be backed up with facts and figures.

Understand Your Requirements

An ERP system has the potential to handle many aspects of your business, which means you need to understand how it will be used in your organization, who will use it, and what features those users will need.

For instance, if you outsource payroll, you may not be worried about ensuring your chosen ERP system includes this functionality. But what if your accounting department decides that with an ERP system in place, payroll could be handled in-house to save money? It’s vital to involve all departments who could see a potential impact, and prioritize your system requirements based on everyone’s needs, wants, and goals.

You also need to evaluate your overall company goals and requirements. For example, your selected ERP should be able to scale with your growth if you plan to enter new markets in the future. It should also help you break into those markets and convert potential customers into actual customers.

Evaluate What You Have in Place

Unless you are a brand-new business, it’s likely that you have a system in place already. Evaluate your existing infrastructure when considering your options. It is much easier to bring a system online when it integrates with what you already have. This can save your company time and money during the integration process.

You also need to consider growth in your business and any changes that may affect your industry. Will you be content to work with this system over time or will you be able to work with your ERP vendor to adopt new technologies as they come online? The right system can help future-proof your business.

Establish a Budget

Remember that you need to factor in the costs of partnering with a vendor, whether they offer an on-premise solution or cloud-based ERP, as well as any additional costs for software, hardware, training, and maintenance.

Ultimately, a system that requires a lot of customization to suit your needs will be more expensive than a simple solution that meets the requirements for your organization at the outset. Make sure you are choosing a price point that you are comfortable with, but also one that provides you with an effective system.

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