ERP for Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers

ERP Systems and consulting services tailored for the specific needs of the Aerospace and Defense Industries

Decision Resources knows the aerospace and defense industry well.   In particular, many of the staff at our Wichita branch are industry veterans with real-world experience.   Using Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), we have helped our customers implement solutions for the following:

  • Material lot trace-ability and source inspection
  • First article and engineering controls (design- and manufacturer-to-order)
  • Multiple OEM replenishment methodologies
  • ECNs and multiple concurrent revision builds
  • Payment by shipping document, not by invoice
  • Project management for customer and internal development projects

Using CPQ Software to Shorten Lead Times in Aerospace & Defense

We all know that aerospace and defense (A & D) companies have invented many technologies that have changed the way we live, from the Internet to the GPS, from virtual reality to digital photography. Behind the scenes, however, A & D business processes are nowhere near as advanced as the technologies those industries have developed. The way that A & D companies configure and price their built-to-order products, from a ship to a plane, is still cumbersome and often highly manual.

Thankfully, this situation is changing due to rules-based technologies that help expedite and fine-tune processes. Today’s configure-price-quote (CPQ) solutions, in particular, can simplify, automate, and speed the process of configuration, bidding, and estimating delivery.

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