Introducing Modern Manufacturing Podcast from DRI

About the Podcast

With the fourth industrial revolution upon us and the rapid evolution of technology, keeping up with the latest manufacturing technology trends can be a full-time job in and of itself. The Modern Manufacturing Podcast from Decision Resources, Inc. (DRI) aims to lift the veil of mystery from the ever-evolving world of manufacturing technology. Hosted by DRI business development manager Daniel Kirby, each episode will feature an interview with an industry expert. Released quarterly, the Modern Manufacturing Podcast will define and discuss today’s hot topics in manufacturing technology.

Episode 1 – Cloud ERP

It’s the buzz word you hear everywhere lately: the cloud. Recently, software companies have emphasized the importance of deploying technology in the cloud. But for many manufacturers that run their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software on-premises, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the cloud and why it is so valuable.

The inaugural episode of Modern Manufacturing Podcast features an interview with DRI vice president of professional services John Haddox. John is no stranger to the cloud. In 2020 alone, John was involved in more than 10 projects to move DRI customers from on-premises to cloud deployment of Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP.

The episode opens with one straightforward question many manufacturers ask, “How will the cloud benefit my company?” From there, Daniel and John cover some frequently asked questions and address the common misconceptions about cloud technology. Because DRI is an Infor partner, this podcast will focus some time on the specifics of the Infor cloud and its CloudSuite Industrial ERP bundle offering. Finally, the episode will close with a discussion about the process of moving from on-premises deployment to the cloud.

What’s Covered

  • Cloud ERP FAQ
    • How does cloud ERP benefit manufacturers?
    • Is cloud deployment more expensive than on-premises deployment?
    • Are customizations possible in the cloud?
  • Infor Cloud
    • How are software updates handled?
    • What is the Infor bundle?
    • How is data kept secure?
  • Moving to the Cloud
    • What is the process to move from an on-premises deployment to the cloud?
    • What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) of cloud deployment?
    • How long will it take to move to the cloud?
    • What are implementation accelerators?
    • Is my company a good fit for the cloud?

Who Should Listen?

  • Manufacturers interested in cloud ERP solutions
  • DRI customers
  • Infor customers
  • Independent consultants

Learn More

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