NetSuite vs. Infor SyteLine: The Best ERP for Manufacturers

November 15, 2022 | ERP Systems

Your ERP is a critical part of your business success. That’s why it’s so important that you choose one that can meet the various specific demands of your manufacturing business.

If you’ve done your research already, then you know that Infor SyteLine (also known as CloudSuite Industrial) and NetSuite are two of the top choices amongst the many available ERP options. But which one is the better product? More importantly, which one is better for your business specifically?

It can be difficult to spot the differences between the two systems at a first glance, but on a closer look, it’s clear that one option is the superior choice.

SyteLine is the best ERP for manufacturers. In fact, it leaves NetSuite in the dust. Let’s take a look at why.

SyteLine Is an Industry-Specialized ERP

Infor SyteLine has been developed and proven over many years in the manufacturing industry. This means that SyteLine can offer your business a comprehensive, industry-specific solution that is tailored to meet the needs of your manufacturing vertical, whether machinery, fabricated metals, electronics, oil and gas, aerospace and defense, chemical, or food manufacturing. As an industry-specific solution, SyteLine supports all manufacturing types, including discrete, repetitive, lean, and process manufacturing. Furthermore, SyteLine includes standard functionality for engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, and make-to-stock fulfillment approaches. In short, SyteLine is tailored to meet all your unique needs as a manufacturer.

NetSuite, on the other hand, is a horizontal product that’s being crammed into multiple industries.  NetSuite lacks core manufacturing functionality that comes built-in to SyteLine, including:

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Quality Management
  • Service Management
  • Factory Automation

To fill in the gaps, NetSuite relies on a marketplace of third-party applications, forcing manufacturers to add multiple products developed by various vendors. Industry analysts note that the NetSuite approach adds risk and complexity to ERP implementations, especially because these third-party applications were not designed cohesively. This “one size fits all” approach taken by NetSuite may work for some businesses, but it’s not ideal.

If you want an ERP that’s been developed specifically for manufacturers, SyteLine is the clear choice.

SyteLine has More Powerful Natively Integrated Features 

When you invest in SyteLine, you’re not just investing in an ERP system. You’re investing in leading software and tools to enhance and extend your ERP. Infor SyteLine has first-party integration with some of the world’s leading software, including ION, Birst, Coleman AI, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), and more. This means that Infor can offer a more seamless, integrated solution for your business.

Birst is a robust data analytics tool that uses artificial intelligence to enhance its capabilities. It will help you take advantage of industry and role-specific data models and analytics, support centralized and decentralized teams with governance, and so much more. The AI integration means that Birst will also reduce manual tasks by letting the AI handle them, freeing your team up for other pressing matters. 

ION, or Intelligent Open Network, is a powerful middleware tool that makes it easier than ever to integrate third-party enterprise systems and Infor. ION can take the most complex networks of enterprise systems and make them work together in a way that does away with information silos. ION also provides the capability to upgrade, replace, or even remove one application without taking down the rest of the network. 

Coleman AI makes your artificial intelligence projects accessible by removing the requirement for complex skillsets or unpredictable service engagements.  That means your business can work with emerging technologies like intelligent automation, machine learning, natural language processing, and voice user experience in a way that’s easily managed and implemented as part of the Infor OS technology platform. 

Configure Price Quote is an integrated visual experience solution that will provide your customers with an easily navigated way to configure and quote your products.  

These are just four of the many examples of natively integrated tools that allow Infor to provide an experience that’s flexible, extendable, and adaptable. When you use Infor, you’re getting an ERP solution that is designed to provide sustainability no matter how your company grows and changes. 

If you want an ERP with superior integration that leads to a better solution for your needs, Infor is the way to go.

SyteLine Personalization Tools Save Time & Money

Some manufacturers have unique requirements that extend beyond the vertical market capabilities included in SyteLine. To support these manufacturers, SyteLine includes a powerful toolset for personalizing the ERP system.  Users can utilize these built-in tools to address their unique needs, typically more quickly and cheaply than with NetSuite, where such work often needs to be accomplished via source code.

Infor Continues to Innovate for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Infor isn’t just focused on enterprise businesses. The company is constantly innovating and continues to develop new solutions specifically designed for small and mid-size businesses, as well. This commitment to innovation means that Infor will be able to meet the changing needs of your business as you grow.

Infor SyteLine Is the Clear Choice for Manufacturers

When it comes to choosing an ERP for your manufacturing organization, SyteLine is the clear choice. It offers industry-specific functionality, superior integration, and a commitment to innovation for small and mid-size businesses.

Don’t settle for a one size fits all solution – choose Infor and get the best ERP for the dynamic challenges of modern business.

At Decision Resources, Inc., (DRI) we’ve been helping manufacturers across multiple industries get the most from their business systems and technology for more than 40 years. 

If you’re ready for a cloud-based ERP solution that will take your manufacturing business to the next level, or you have questions about how DRI can help, contact us for an out-of-the-box solution that works for your needs. 

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