The Best Strategies for ERP and Employee Training

September 19, 2019 | ERP Systems

If you were about to board an airplane and the pilot announced that they had never trained for take-off, chances are you would high-tail it out of there. If you met with a surgeon who was about to perform a complex and challenging surgery, and they confided in you that they just planned on ‘winging […]

Signs That Your Business Needs an ERP System

September 17, 2019 | ERP Systems

There will never be huge flashing signs or blinking red lights alerting you to the precise moment of exactly when your business needs an ERP system. But your company can watch for common issues or problem areas, and if you’ve already found yourself here, you’re likely experiencing some of them. Some common scenarios that suggest […]

How is ERP Software Testing Done?

September 13, 2019 | ERP Systems

ERPs are complex systems that impact virtually every aspect of a company, so testing your ERP software is a critical piece to ensuring a successful implementation. ERP software testing finds and solves problems before they snowball into expensive catastrophes, so you can focus on running your business efficiently. ERP software testing needs to happen at […]

How to Choose the Right ERP Consultant for Your Business

September 10, 2019 | Uncategorized, ERP Systems

Choosing the right ERP consultant sets the tone for not only the beginning of your ERP project, but for what happens after the consulting relationship ends as well. This person will be a vital and essential piece of your team, guiding your process, helping you identify which options will work best for your team and […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of ERP Systems

September 5, 2019 | ERP Systems

Artificial intelligence and ERP systems can be a perfect match, when both are working together for the benefit of your business. AI helps supplement ERP functionality by expanding what an ERP system can do in terms of business automations and optimizations. AI and ERP systems both use technology to perform tasks that humans can and […]

Why Do ERP Projects Fail? Top Causes and Solutions

September 3, 2019 | ERP Systems

The process of finding, implementing, and optimizing your ERP is exciting. But before you’ll start to see the benefits, it’s important to understand upfront what you need from and hope to get out of your ERP, so you can avoid problems down the road. We’ve addressed some of the most common factors that lead to […]

What is Cloud ERP and How Does it Work?

August 30, 2019 | ERP Systems

Setting up an ERP system can be a resource-intensive endeavor. What if your organization could enjoy all the benefits of an ERP system, without the upfront set up costs? Cloud ERP is a software as a service (SaaS) environment, where organizations will pay a set fee to access software hosted off-site. This means you can […]

Sam DeBone Named to Infor North American Partner Advisory Council

August 29, 2019 | DRI News

Sam DeBone, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Decision Resources, Inc., has been named to the 2020 Infor North American Partner Advisory Council (NAPAC). The NAPAC was established to improve communication between Infor and its North American partners. As a member of the NAPAC, Mr. DeBone will represent all North American Infor CloudSuite Industrial […]

ERP System Implementation: What’s the Process?

August 28, 2019 | ERP Systems

Implementation is one of the most important parts of optimizing your ERP, or enterprise resource planning system. This is where all of your hard work and research turns into a real-life system—one where every detail counts. In following the guidelines listed below and working with a team of professionals, like the experts at Decision Resources […]

How to Choose the Best ERP System For Your Business

August 22, 2019 | ERP Systems

When it comes to choosing your ERP, there are many options available on the market to choose from. So, how can you possibly distinguish between them all and understand which platform is right for your business? Choosing the best ERP system for your business comes down to a few key points; knowing what your organization […]