DecisionConnect for Shopify

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DecisionConnect is a Shopify connector that integrates your organization’s Shopify webstore to Infor CloudSuite Industrial and SyteLine ERP.  DecisionConnect streamlines your webstore sales process by automatically bringing orders into your ERP system, transferring shipping information from your ERP to Shopify, and synchronizing inventory. DecisionConnect runs in the cloud but is compatible with both on-premises and cloud ERP deployments. Quick and easy setup means your organization can be up and running in less than a week. Eliminate manual data entry, synchronize inventory, and streamline shipping today with DecisionConnect for Shopify.

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Eliminate Manual Order Entry

DecisionConnect automatically brings orders from Shopify into your ERP system, eliminating manual re-keying.

Quick Installation

DecisionConnect can be installed and configured in less than a week.

Improve Communication of Shipping Info

Shipping information is automatically transferred from SyteLine to Shopify and available to your customers for order tracking.

Synchronize Inventory

Show real-time inventory available in Shopify from SyteLine.

Integrate Multiple Sites

DecisionConnect can integrate your organization’s Shopify webstore with multiple sites, locations, or systems of SyteLine or CloudSuite Industrial.

Integrate Multiple Webstores

DecisionConnect can connect multiple webstores to your SyteLine or CloudSuite Industrial system.

Integrate Multiple Warehouses

Shopify can map to a specific SyteLine warehouse based on customer order and location, ensuring orders get to your customer faster and at the lowest transportation cost.

Capable-to-Promise Functionality

Provide CTP/ATP date to your customers before or after an order is placed.

Advanced Pricing Models

Integrate customer-specific pricing from SyteLine to Shopify before or after an order is placed.


• Shopify subscription
• SyteLine or CloudSuite Industrial ERP version 8 or later
• Compatible with both on-premises and cloud ERP deployments
• Suitable for both B2B and B2C organizations