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Decision365 is a commerce productivity tool that leverages the application most manufacturers already use: Microsoft Outlook. Decision365 allows users to manage orders directly in Outlook with automatic integration to your ERP systems. Decision365 connects to more than a dozen EDI and e-commerce systems, including SPS Commerce, Conexiom, Shopify, Magento, Volusion, TrueCommerce, B2BGateway, and others. With Decision365, you can review and edit orders coming from external systems before they enter your ERP systems, thus decreasing time spent managing exceptions, increasing data accuracy, and improving productivity.

Commerce Simplified.

You receive orders from a variety of sources in a variety of unique formats. Decision365 removes the frustration of manual order review. Whether an order arrives via website, EDI, or PDF attachment, Decision365 will interpret the data and display all your orders in a uniform, organized, and digestible layout within Outlook.

Upon receipt, Decision365 reviews the order and inputs the data into the Outlook interface, highlighting exceptions and other anomalies. Customizable visual cues allow you to define rules which apply different fonts and colors to an order line. For example, red Calibri may indicate an out-of-stock item, while blue Times New Roman may indicate a price discrepancy. You set the parameters to indicate when an order needs attention. With Decision365, issues are identified immediately – before accepting an order and before it enters your ERP system. And as you know, a clean order runs through your system faster and easier.

Key Features

Outlook Integration

Decision365 displays orders in a uniform layout within Outlook – an interface you’re already familiar and comfortable with.

Customizable Visual Cues

Apply different fonts and colors to an order line to indication exceptions and other anomalies, as defined by the user.

Complete Commerce Hub

Decision365 consolidates orders from many sources (EDI, website, PDF attachment, etc.) and will feed the data into one or multiple ERP systems.

EDI & E-Commerce Integration

More than a dozen connectors, including SPS Commerce, Conexiom, Shopify, Magento, Volusion, TrueCommerce, and others. Decision365 can connect to your existing system.

Automated Error Correction

Decision365 includes a feature called the FixIt modifier, which automatically corrects common order errors that would normally require manual intervention.

Update Order Data from Outlook

Decision365 supports updates to price, quantity, unit of measure, and order date from within Outlook. When modified orders are synced with the ERP system, the data is updated appropriately.

Key Technical Features

Simple, No-Hassle Setup

Decision365 is hosted on DRI’s Azure server and an Office 365 mailbox. All you need to do is add a new mailbox inside of Outlook. Aside from Outlook, no software is needed.

Super-Fast, Local Indexed Searches

Cached Outlook is indexed, making search results immediate.