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DecisionExcelerator is your streamlined solution for importing, exporting, updating, and commanding data in Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP/SyteLine through the IDO interface using Excel. Running in the foreground or background, DecisionExcelerator is the high-speed alternative to cut and paste and runs in both on-premise and cloud environments.

DecisionExcelerator can be used for implementation, ongoing updates, and reporting purposes. During implementation, use DecisionExcelerator to organize and upload data from legacy systems to CloudSuite Industrial. Use DecisionExcelerator for ongoing updates to keep data clean and current. Finally, the reporting features of DecisionExcelerator allow you to capture data and create pivot tables or graphs for a snapshot of historical information.

Manage data in the interface you already know with DecisionExcelerator.


Key Features

Expedite Data Loading

Load bills of material, import/transfer legacy data, and clean data in Excel before upload.

Snapshot Reports

Generate recurring reports as PDF or Excel documents and save to SharePoint or Exchange folders.

Combined Reports

Pull data from Factory Track and CloudSuite Industrial into a single report.

Share with Trading Partners

Publish only the data you want your partner to see to secured SharePoint folders.

Synchronize/Consolidate Data

Read updated data from one source and insert into another source.

Access User Extended Tables (UETs)

Read and edit custom fields in a single configuration or all configurations uniformly.

Uses Excel vs. CSV

Data is brought into Excel spreadsheets, not a CSV file. Data can be changed using the powerful Excel formulas, graphs, charts and links. Your calculated sheet is ready to go.

Key Technical Features

Net Change Data Extract

Extract only data that has been added or changed and push to additional sites.

Run in Background

Run DecisionExcelerator in the background for periodic updates and snapshot reporting.

Read-Only Reports

Save reports to public folders in read-only mode with credentials and connection information removed.

Help Guide

Review help provided as notes on the master spreadsheet.

Technical Requirements

ERP Requirements

Works with Infor CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine versions 8 through 10 or Infor Factory Track


DecisionExcelerator works with both Cloud/SaaS and on-premise deployments.

Additional Software

Microsoft x64 operating system, Microsoft Excel x64 recommended, files can also be written or read using Office365 Cloud Excel