Infor OS

Infor OS is an enterprise operating service with a conversational user experience. Infor OS is the platform on which all Infor CloudSuite ERP systems are built.

Infor OS is your operating service for the future, designed to serve as the foundation for your own digital transformation in whatever form it may take. Its focus on delivering technology that goes beyond enabling business – to driving it, putting the user at the center of every experience, and serving as a unifying foundation for your entire ecosystem. The result is a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts, and informs your stakeholders in everything they do.


  • Infor Document Management
  • Ming.le
  • Business Intelligence
  • ION

Key Features

In-context advice, feedback, and decisions

API management connected to chatbots

Intelligent digital assistant

Automated multi-step execution of complex tasks

Networked analytics and business intelligence

Digital documents throughout the business process

Application builder

Open business integration

Secure at the core