Integral Enterprise DataBridge (IEDB)

DRI’s Integral Enterprise DataBridge is used to integrate ERP and other business systems with online storefronts, EDI platforms, and any other separate system that needs real-time integration.

Powerful Data Integration Tools

Companies today face increased complexity in assimilating data from different areas of the enterprise. Integral Enterprise DataBridge (IEDB) for SyteLine and CloudSuite ERP addresses these challenges by providing a toolset that locates, transforms, and integrates multiple data sources in real-time.

Key Features

Why are so many choosing Integral Enterprise DataBridge?
  • Simple, graphical interface
  • Automated background processes need little to no monitoring
  • Live, real-time data integration
  • Extremely reliable infrastructure
  • Low cost of ownership
DataBridge is the ideal tool to perform:
  • SyteLine DataBridge or CloudSuite DataBridge integration for your eStorefornt
  • EDI integration projects
  • Data mapping services to and from any data source

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