A fully integrated shipping solution to ERP technologies

SureShip provides a single-point interface for connecting SyteLine shipments with UPS, FedEx, USPS and select LTL carriers. SureShip fully integrates with ERP technologies, so you don’t have to leave your ERP application to perform shipping transactions. This will save you thousands of hours each year and eliminate the hassle of using multiple, disparate solutions. You’ll also eliminate the errors associated with manual data entry.

Written in SyteLine’s native Mongoose™ architecture, SureShip provides complete real-time data integration between SyteLine or other ERP technologies and your shipping carriers.

Key Features

• Direct API integration between SyteLine & shipping carriers
• Efficient and streamlined user interface for shipping
• Select LTL integration
• Rate shopping
• Freight billing and charge-backs
• Instant package tracking
• Written 100% in Infor’s Mongoose platform

Key Technical Features

• Deployed on-premise or in the cloud
• Compatibility with SyteLine versions SL8.03.11 > CSI10