Soar to New Heights with a Cloud-Based ERP

November 18, 2020 | ERP Systems
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It’s sunny and bright in the cloud. There is no reason to be in a dark and dreary room when working within a cloud-based ERP. Instead, the cloud offers the serene environment that we all need to give our work life a productive and beneficial lift. In particular, here are some of the sights you’ll see when you implement a cloud-based ERP:

Convenience – A cloud-based ERP is accessible at any time, anywhere. You can be on-site or working remotely. The system is there with the information you need. The automatic backups and upgrades are a welcome relief of what were previously manual day-to-day stressors. Best of all, you can have access without interruption.

Reliability – When you need it, it’s there. A cloud-based ERP reduces and eliminates downtime. Within a short time after moving to the cloud, you will notice the difference in how consistently dependable the system is every day. Whenever you need the system, it runs; you can log in, enter, and access information without concern.

Security – The cloud provides security both physically and digitally. Since cloud-based infrastructure is offsite in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled data center, the servers are protected and safe from internal, external, and physical intrusion.

Scalability – With a cloud-based ERP, you are not restricted by your infrastructure. The system is scalable to your particular needs, and as these needs change, the cloud-based ERP can change with you in a simple, quick, and affordable way.

Flexibility – A cloud-based ERP can be adapted to your particular business and industry. While the feature set for your industry is extensive, you can also customize your cloud-based ERP depending on what you would like to add, see, and use as you see fit.

Cost-effectiveness – A cloud-based ERP is like an affordable first-class cabin. It is payable at a predictable, monthly fee. There is no need for capital investment to own the entire infrastructure, backup servers, and hard drives. As companies have seen with other cloud-based systems, the savings can be re-directed to other projects, initiatives, and growth strategies.

Prevalent – Cloud technology is both the present and the future of technology. It is current and far-reaching. In other words, the cloud delivers an up-to-date infrastructure on a daily basis. Gone are the days of experiencing obsolescence within your IT investment of equipment. The latest network hardware is the responsibility of the data center. Additionally, the widespread use of the cloud has established a stronghold on technology and its advancements. In turn, these advancements have become quintessential to on-going operations and business continuity.

The global acceptance and transition to the cloud also ensures that it will be the predominant means of computing. As the cost of maintaining an on-premises system continues to rise, the cloud enables you to achieve a higher standard of operations and opportunities.

Looking into 2021, the world is looking to leave yesterday behind as never before. Begin reaping the benefits of a cloud-based ERP today so you can embrace the future tomorrow. Contact our experienced and expert team here at DRI to guide and support your passage to a cloud-based ERP.

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