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SureShip® is the ONLY shipping solution built into the CSI/Mongoose framework, seamlessly integrating SyteLine shipments with major parcel and less than truckload (LTL) carriers. Our enhanced Pick, Pack, Ship provides the flexibility to align and automate your company’s processes. Simplify your fulfillment process, eliminate manual errors, and save thousands of hours annually, all without leaving CSI/SyteLine.



InSyte grants end users rapid, conversation-based access to SyteLine data from desktop or mobile devices. A transformative AI application designed to seamlessly integrate with the SyteLine ERP system, InSyte leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to revolutionize how businesses access, interpret, and act on their ERP data. By providing a conversational interface, InSyte democratizes data analysis, making it accessible, immediate, and actionable for decision-makers across all levels of the organization.

Artemis is an AI-powered chat assistant, designed to deliver instant, accurate responses by leveraging the knowledge you provide it, ensuring your customers always find the help they need. Ideal for businesses with a high volume of inquiries, Artemis optimizes customer support, making it cost-effective and efficient, especially for companies with a wide range of products.

DRI Products Available from Your Infor Partner


SyteLEAN introduces an automated Kanban method for SyteLine, optimizing inventory based on actual consumption patterns. It seamlessly integrates with ERP for efficient replenishment, reducing waste and improving inventory accuracy.


SytePlan is a Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) tool for SyteLine. SytePlan helps you develop a realistic operations plan and manage performance against that plan with tools that help synchronize your sales plan with your production plan.

Advanced Forecasting

Advanced Forecasting automates and optimizes forecasting by ensuring accurate demand prediction and optimal inventory levels. It employs statistical and collaborative methods to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by minimizing excess inventory and production inefficiencies.

SyteLine Data Management and Automation


Decision365 is an omni-channel data exchange, automation, and EXCEPTION management application to handle all SyteLine inbound documents. Use Decision365 EXCEPTION management to swiftly identify and address critical business issues. Data validation is automated and seamlessly integrated into SyteLine, eliminating tedious data checks and allowing your team to focus on what truly matters: driving business success.

Decision365 inbound business consoles:

  • Decision365 Demand Console: Manage orders and forecasts from DecisionOCR, Shopify, and EDI.
  • Decision365 Payment Console: Handle incoming payments from Shopify and ZonnalPay, including self-pay options with credit cards or ACH.
  • Vendor Invoice Console: Expedite approval and creation of SyteLine A/P vouchers, supporting vendor EDI or OCR invoices. Enjoy streamlined processes, like three-way matching for invoices tied to a PO and dedicated approval consoles for invoices not tied to a PO.

Data Exchange Features:
Exchange vital information effortlessly with SyteLine through Decision365, including automated updates on Shipping details and EDI documents, triggered by changes in SyteLine. Specific applications for Shopify integration, OCR Vendor Invoices, and OCR Purchase Orders, are required to ensure tailored solutions for your business needs.

DecisionConnect for Shopify:


DecisionExcelerator offers a fast and efficient solution for importing, exporting, and updating data in SyteLine using a Microsoft Excel workbook. Leveraging familiar Excel functionalities and the Mongoose IDO interface, it expedites data loading, performs validations, runs Excel formulas and allows for easy manipulation before integration, streamlining processes and enhancing data accuracy for businesses. DecisionExcelerator can run in the background as part of an enterprise data moving solution. New features are available to write to a SQL database.



ZonnalPay, powered by Decision365, is an automated payment platform so your customers can self-pay. ZonnalPay expedites payment of invoices in SyteLine with a Credit Card or electronic check/ACH. ZonnalPay addresses the common challenge of delayed payment in traditional systems.


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