What Are the Latest ERP Trends?

August 1, 2019 | ERP Systems
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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems do much of the heavy lifting for companies by streamlining practically every area of operations—from human resources and marketing, to supply chain management, and more. ERPs play a crucial role in the overall efficiency and success of many organizations, and these systems continue to advance and improve as time goes on.

The latest trends fall in line with many other technologies and industries; adopting Cloud-based solutions, offering customizations, and ensuring companies remain agile in highly competitive and increasingly globalized spaces. Whether you are currently an ERP user or you’re evaluating these systems, here’s what to watch out for in 2019, and beyond.

Upcoming ERP Software Trends and Predictions

  • Cloud-based ERP platforms are becoming more and more popular, especially as smaller businesses begin to understand and apply the value in enterprise resource planning. Cloud-based systems are typically easier to manage and more affordable, as the up-front, infrastructure and maintenance costs are rolled into what the vendor charges. Without needing to maintain an on-premises system, ERP has become more accessible via the Cloud.
  • Today, ERP systems are relatively overarching and not customized to individual industries (although they are highly customizable to individual organizations). That may begin to change as vendors tailor their software to specific streams, allowing for more flexibility and agility as the systems are more apt to work out of the box.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) also helps with this flexibility, agility, and customization. ERPs are based on data and analytics, so when more companies adopt ‘smart’ systems, more information is available to an ERP. For example, if your manufacturer’s machines are down, the IoT can diagnose that issue and let you know what’s happening via your ERP. That provides you with the information you need to make appropriate decisions for your business operations and your customers’ expectations.
  • As ERP platforms move into the future, they will need to grow to include social media as part of their marketing features, ensuring that every aspect of a company’s digital outreach is covered. In today’s world, many customers and potential clients use social media to shop, research, and engage with companies, and ERP systems will need to address these factors to remain relevant.

ERP systems are transforming by marrying new technologies with a foundation that is rooted in business efficiency and optimization. We’re excited to see how they evolve to meet future needs.

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