Why an ERP Expert is Essential

April 27, 2022 | ERP Systems

After thoroughly researching and choosing an ERP solution, business owners often fail to anticipate the time and expertise required to install and move their data into a new ERP system. The task can take a significant amount of time and diligence. It’s essential to have an experienced professional to avoid pitfalls in implementation and ensure that your newly purchased ERP solution is correctly installed and ready to move your business forward. Here’s why you should carefully consider who your ERP technology partner will be.

A Good Expert Keeps You on Track

Consulting with an ERP expert can help you determine your specific system needs and how to customize it to fit your business. Not every user needs all of the features an ERP provides and it can be difficult to sort out on your own. An expert can help you recognize which features are essential to your growing business and make sure that the software works efficiently.

Your ERP implementation partner is responsible for the successful migration of and customization of your data. They should have an in-depth understanding of the technical and functional aspects of ERP solutions. Timelines and progress models should help with managing everyone’s expectations. Without the proper experience, unforeseeable problems could leave everyone guessing.

The primary goal of your implementation partner is to ensure that the ERP software runs smoothly and efficiently and to create and manage solutions for any hiccups. Your relationship with your ERP implementation partner is important so be sure to choose wisely. An expert that has deep knowledge and years of experience can ensure success instead of failure.

How They Do It

A good technology partner should be committed to helping your business evaluate your data and get it moved efficiently and effectively. Additionally, they should be able to keep the ERP migration on track by adhering to proper methodology and managing any possible obstacles. 

Before moving all of a business’ data into an ERP system, it’s important to be sure that it’s ready. Data should be free of redundancies, errors, and inconsistencies. If any are found they should be fixed before starting the migration process. This will ensure minimal issues arise after implementation.  

During the process, a model of progress should be outlined and objectives confirmed along with the scope of needs and business requirements. This should include any supporting requirements, team training, and other items. As progress is made, adjustments should be made to include a gap analysis and more detailed information about the project strategy.

Before finishing, a final analysis should be made to focus on a variety of things including user acceptance, performance, and end-user training. Testing will also be done to confirm the correct design and implement custom extensions, rehearse data conversion, and test the system. Finally, the system should be optimized so your ERP becomes your own.

Experience Is Everything

The best consultant is not necessarily the one who promises to deliver all your requirements, but one that will honestly commit to helping your business complete its transition smoothly and effectively. The partnership between you and your ERP implementation partner is critical to the success of your ERP implementation. Experience in recognizing and handling pitfalls including inadequate testing and poor data cleansing will keep you from having to repeat steps in the process.

At Decision Resources, Inc. our Infor ERP implementation process is tailored to your organization and your objectives, no matter your industry, timeline, or budget. Your focus should not be on merely bringing your system online, but rather, optimizing your system implementation so that it perfectly meets all of your needs and requests. Our team at DRI has the expertise and experience to ensure your ERP has what it takes to fulfill your company needs and customer expectations. Please get in touch through our website, call 412-562-9660, or email us at info@decision.com

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