Why ERP is moving to the Cloud

October 7, 2020 | ERP Systems
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Customer Service is the underlying reason why most applications move to the cloud. When technology exists that is able to provide an improved customer experience, consistent performance and leads to greater productivity, software companies need to respond. When Microsoft launched its cloud-based version of Microsoft Office 365, companies were shocked, and a bit confused at first. But sooner than later, they began to experience the benefits of a cloud-based system. Additionally, consumers began to demand and expect the benefits of cloud-based systems for all applications, including their ERP.

Here are five reasons ERP is moving to the cloud on behalf of its customer-base.

Faster Support Response Time

When support is called with on-premises technology, they first have to determine if the problem is with the hardware, the operating system, or usage of the software. With a cloud-based system, maintaining the servers and operating system is done at the cloud level, seamlessly and without any interruption of the system.

Increased and Improved Data Storage

Access to all the ERP data you need for decision-making and for operating your business is paramount to success. All this data needs to be stored and stored safely. Here is where the cloud comes in. With the cloud, you have access to terabytes of storage that are automatically backed-up with no need for on-premises and off-premises databanks. In addition, computing devices have a significant decrease in expenses due to smaller hard drives.

Cost Savings to the Bottom Line

First, there is the lack of network infrastructure that requires acquisition, maintenance costs and financing with interest. Second, the cloud-based ERP is a predictable monthly expense that is scalable to your needs. And third, consistent accessibility means no expensive downtime to your business and your employees, leaving you with plenty of time to service your customers.

Maximum Security

The cloud is both physically and virtually safer. When in the cloud, the servers are located in an environmentally controlled datacenter that has built in precautions against disasters. It is also constantly monitored, and defenses are constantly upgraded against cyberattacks of all types.

Immediate Access to New Features

There is no downtime required to install and upgrade your ERP to gain access to new features. This immediate access is particularly important when updates are required for compliance and regulations. Upgrades also take place more frequently with only a few features at a time. This method of development and deployment means that the time-hit for user-education on the new features is significantly decreased.

Cloud-based ERP is all about you, your business, and your success. You deserve all of the benefits that a cloud-based ERP can deliver. Customer service is our primary focus and we are dedicated to helping you reap the advances. Providing you with the technological power of the cloud while also creating an ease of transition for your ERP is our focus. Please reach out by calling 412-562-9660 or email us at info@decision.com

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