Why You Should Choose Infor as Your Manufacturing ERP System

January 23, 2020 | Discrete Manufacturing
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The enterprise resource planning (ERP) market is plentiful, which is excellent for finding the specific ERP you need for your business. But, as such a prolific product, getting your hands on that exact ERP–and quickly–is easier said than done. That’s why we’re here to help you narrow down your options with a strong recommendation for the Infor manufacturing ERP system.

Infor’s ERP manufacturing system is an industry leader for many reasons. As one of the largest ERP solutions providers in the world, Infor has the experience and expertise to meet your ERP needs. After all, they do exactly that for thousands of other clients just like you, with great success. With industry-specific solutions, a great user experience, and the features you need at a cost that works for your budget, there’s a reason why Infor is a smart choice.

Manufacturing Specific Capabilities

Across all of Infor’s products, you will find industry-specific systems. In the case of the Infor manufacturing ERP system, it’s an ERP that is designed just for companies in the manufacturing sector. Infor’s ERP system is ideal for discrete, process, and mixed-mode manufacturers. With features like predictive analytics, lean production tools, shop floor scheduling, quality and service management, including warranties and service contracts, and more, it fits into the manufacturing environment without a lot of tweaking.

Great User Experience

Infor’s manufacturing ERP system is designed to be a simple, modern, and comfortable experience for users. It is intuitive, so even if you have never used an ERP before, you can find your way around quickly. Mobile access makes it that much simpler to get the information you need from your ERP, no matter where you are.

With a customer portal and full phone support, Infor helps you understand and make the most of its features, helping you through any support needs, too.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Planning and scheduling is everything in manufacturing, something Infor’s manufacturing ERP system handles with ease. The advanced planning and scheduling (APS) module synchronizes work sites, inventory, resources, and supply alongside any orders that come through. Your ERP is doing a lot of work for you, allowing for an accurate, evidence-based promise date, fewer delays, and better use of resources.


Best of all, Infor’s manufacturing ERP system does all of this without breaking the bank. Because it is already designed for the manufacturing industry, you do not need to worry about endless customizations, saving money with every tweak you don’t have to do. With a cloud-based deployment, your organization saves on hardware and infrastructure costs, as it becomes handled by the vendor instead of in-house. Add in the cost savings you will gain from a leaner manufacturing environment, and the potential to make more money with better customer service and product offerings, and you’re coming out ahead.

At Decision Resources, Inc., we believe in Infor’s manufacturing ERP system and all that it can do for your business. Contact us to learn more at 412-52-9660 or info@decision.com.

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