Working with Infor’s License Management team (LMO)

March 27, 2018 | DRI News

Your Infor License or Subscription contracts typically provide Infor the right to audit your compliance with those agreements.  DRI often hears questions from our clients regarding Infor’s LMO activities.  We are posting this information to help you understand and to deal successfully with this process.

First, keep in mind LMO operations are the norm today, among enterprise software companies like Infor.  Our advice is based upon the standard terms and conditions in these agreements and may not apply to you specifically if you negotiated any special terms and conditions.

Overall, keep in mind that Infor is typically granted the right to audit your compliance with the terms of your Infor agreements.  Such an audit may involve them gathering information in conversations with you and gathering information electronically from your system.  Being out of compliance can require you to pay Infor for additional products or licensing rights, to bring you back into compliance.  To avoid such costs or audit issues, here are some things you can assess first:

Ensure your users are covered by the licenses or subscriptions you purchased

Various Infor products may be licensed by named or concurrent users, by named devices, or in other ways.  Ensure your actual users are covered by your licenses.  If any of your products are licensed on a “Named User” basis, keep in mind that Infor expects that license to be used by one specific actual person, and that it should not be shared.

Ensure your users are employees of the companies in the agreement

Infor agreements require that your users are employees of the companies who are parties to the license or subscription agreements.  Pay close attention to the legal entities who are parties to your software agreements.  Look for cases where through formation of new ventures, purchases or sales of organizations, or other corporate activities, that your users may no longer be employees of the parties of your agreements.  Infor charges for extended licensing terms that permit additional parties to use or access your software.  In such cases, if you come to DRI first, we often can find less costly ways to address such issues, outside Infor’s audit process.

Working with outside contractors

Infor agreements require you not to provide access to your system, or any other confidential Infor materials, such as product documentation, or Infor support systems, to third parties.  When you work with DRI, our employees, or contractors working for DRI, you’re in compliance, since we are an authorized Infor Partner.  You should always confirm that any contractors or partners that you are working with are authorized Infor Partners.  Keep in mind, you are likely out of compliance with your Infor agreements, if you later continued to provide system access to a DRI subcontractor or consulting firm, who is not an Infor Partner, outside the time they are working as DRI’s subcontractor.

While Infor Partners such as DRI do not have direct control over Infor’s enforcement of their agreements, we can answer questions and assist our customers in navigating Infor’s requirements.  If you believe that you may be out of compliance with your Infor agreement, or anticipate changes that may take you out of compliance, we recommend contacting DRI as early as possible to discuss possible options.


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