Month: June 2021

Key Security Differences Between On-Premises and Cloud ERP Solutions

Wondering if you should move your ERP system to the cloud? Deciding whether the ERP system you choose should be cloud-based or on-premises depends largely on your business needs and security needs. On-premises ERP security is vastly different from cloud-based ERP security. Take a look at the following comparison before you decide which ERP system […]


Security Risk & Threat Management: Choosing an ERP Solution

Businesses wanting to improve their system management may have concerns about security risk and threat protection. One way to address these concerns is with an ERP solution.  ERP systems can help streamline security and reduce risks and threats by keeping tight security measures in place and automating immediate responses to trouble. An ERP system can […]


Cloud vs On-Premises: Are You Putting Your Business at Risk?

As a business grows, so should its software and data security. ERP software can add a line of protection to your defenses by securing information, records, and processes. But deciphering whether a cloud-based system or an on-premises system is more secure can be confusing. As more businesses move to cloud-based ERP systems, it’s helpful to […]