Month: September 2021

How Important is Data Security When Choosing an ERP System?

Each year, the number of reported attacks by cybercriminals increases. According to Infor, it’s estimated that a different organization is attacked every 11 seconds. Along with the attack comes a potential loss of data and income resulting in an average of 7.3 days of downtime. Together, this costs an estimated $3.24 million. Additionally, an organization […]


Top 5 ERP Security Best Practices

There are many benefits to using ERP solutions, including robust functionality, streamlined protocols, and online availability. However, ransomware and cyberhackers are on the rise, making ERP security a top priority. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are targets because, unlike large companies, SMBs lack large-scale IT departments to handle security details. Cyberhackers use the misconception that […]