Looking Back and Moving Forward: 2020 Highlights

January 27, 2021 | DRI News

It’s safe to say that no one expected the year 2020 to go the way that it did. During a year full of surprises, we couldn’t be prouder of our resilient team at Decision Resources, Inc. Despite the challenges and curve balls the past year threw our way, we still managed to accomplish a lot, together. Here are some of the highlights.

2020 highlights

18 Go Lives

Last year, we helped several customers implement their ERP systems and add-on solutions, paving the way toward improving their business processes. We also successfully expanded our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) team of experts, who continue solving problems for DRI customers every day with Decision365.

10 Customers Moved from On-Prem to the Cloud

Our client success team helped educate our customers on the benefits of the cloud, time and time again. Through the No Customer Left Behind initiative, we continued moving customers to the cloud and proved that it can improve software and keep ERP systems up to date. We were even named the 2020 Infor partner of the year due to our efforts.

37 New Customers

We are proud to have welcomed 37 new customers who have selected DRI’s ERP and EDI solutions.

1 Product Added to Infor Partner Solutions

We are proud of our efforts to internally develop SyteLEAN, an electronic Kanban system for promoting lean manufacturing practices. Identified as an exceptional inventory management tool, Infor adopted SyteLEAN into its partner solutions program, which allows Infor and its partner to sell the product directly to their customers.  

New Customers by Industry

We’re proud to work with a diverse portfolio of manufacturing clients. Our ERP customers represents a wide variety of manufacturing capabilities, in spaces including electronics, food, capital equipment, and oil & gas. Here are some of the products our customers make:

·         Sauces, marinades, and dressings

·         Cleaning products and sanitizers

·         Pipeline fittings and products for oil and gas industry

·         Electronic devices for building automation

·         Steel and alloy springs

·         Power utility components

·         Boat and automobile parts

·         Bolts and fasteners

Though 2020 posed different challenges than years past, we are incredibly grateful for our customers and our talented team of employees. Here’s to hoping 2021 is better and brighter for us all.

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