A Lean and Responsive Inventory Management System for SyteLine and CloudSuite Industrial.

Calculate optimum inventory levels based on actual sales and usage, reducing excess inventory and shortages, without the complexity of MRP/APS. The SyteLEAN PullSystem is an easy to use, inventory management system for items that are regularly purchased or manufactured.

An electronic Kanban system, SyteLEAN PullSystem automatically “right-sizes” the selected inventory items based on average usage and variability, and “pulls” the replacement orders when inventory is consumed. It replenishes inventory to the optimum level by creating Kanban “planned orders” that are combined with the APS/MRP planned orders which can be reviewed and released using the SyteLine Planner’s Workbench. Using SyteLEAN PullSystem, manufacturers can automatically manage inventory levels for changes in demand and product mix using LEAN concepts that are much easier to deploy and manage than MRP.

Key Features

Automatically Calculate Safety Stock, Trigger Point and Maximum Supply Quantities for PullSystem items

Calculate Days of Inventory On- Hand and in the Supply chain for Pull System items

Define Service Level policies maintain at the optimum level to meet your fluctuating demands

Purchased and manufactured item replenishment based upon a dynamic demand-driven Trigger Point

Use the Material Planner’s Workbench or Order Action Report to confirm your Replenishment Orders

Visibility into Spike Demands and Supplier Forecasts

APICS standard statistical calculation for Safety Stock

Utilities to identify which inventory items are best managed by a Pull System

Works in tandem with SyteLine Forecasting with to control weighting of history vs. forecast

Compatible with all SyteLine versions