DRI Industry Spotlight: Metal Fabrication Manufacturing

March 12, 2020 | Discrete Manufacturing
Metal Fabrication

The world would not be the same without the metal fabrication manufacturing industry. The companies in this sector create so much of the products we rely on every day. But, like many other industries, it relies on national and global economies, and it is rapidly changing in the face of many industry-wide challenges. 

Challenges Within the Industry

The metal fabrication manufacturing industry covers many segments, including industrial machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, metal and plastics fabrication, technology, automotive, aerospace, and defense. While these segments face their own unique challenges, specific manufacturing trends and challenges apply across the board. 

Many challenges are the same for organizations involved in any manufacturing enterprise. Operational complexity, for example, impacts nearly every manufacturer. The need for productivity and scalability increases to meet competition, while businesses must maximize resources to be profitable.

Competitive demands are another universal challenge. Clients have come to expect nothing less than the best, alongside constant innovation, technology support, fast response times, exceptional quality, and customization. The supply chain becomes more complex as you meet these demands. Clients have high expectations, and if you cannot meet or exceed them, they will move to another metal fab manufacturing company. 

Overall, the skills gap is increasingly apparent. Millions of jobs go unfilled in the U.S. It’s increasingly difficult to find the right talent to fill those roles with technically-capable employees.

Finally, the metal fab manufacturing industry has the problem of outdated systems, the need to adopt emerging technology, and the high costs associated with failing to do so.

How DRI Can Help Metal-Fab Manufacturers

Metal fabrication manufacturing companies need technology to survive and to thrive. But it has to be the right technology, integrated into a company in the right ways. Decision Resources Inc. has the best technology solutions for your specific manufacturing needs, built to give your company a competitive edge. 

With more than 40 years of experience, our team will guide your company in deploying technology that simplifies and improves every part of your metal fab manufacturing enterprise. Our goal is to bring every part of your business data together into a central location where you can:

  • access the information in real-time,
  • use business intelligence to make better business decisions,
  • and automate many aspects of your metal fab manufacturing operations. 

We handle operational complexity by reducing your expenses while increasing sales–allowing you to enjoy more revenue, more productivity, and less use of resources. Our approach also helps manage competitive demands, increase on-time shipments, speed up delivery times, and lead to reductions in downtime. 

Our team makes it easy to adopt and deploy technology that exchanges your outdated system with technology solutions that scale and flex with your business over time. 

To learn more about how DRI can help you change the way you work, call us at 412-562-9660 or email info@decision.com

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